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A leaky roof is a problem that no property owner wants to face. A wet spring season or heavy snow in winter can significantly increase the risk of leaks in commercial roofs. Areas with significant temperature swings between seasons can increase stress on roofing materials as well.

Membrane roofing, most common in commercial buildings, creates a "single sheet," watertight roof covering to protect the roof and interior of the building. Membrane roofing offers significant advantages over old EPDM and rubber roofs. These outdated roofing methods have a shorter lifespan than current methods, like elastomeric roof coatings, and require a great deal more maintenance.

However, even the best systems will eventually fall prey to the ravages of time, wear, and damage, and, over the life of a commercial roof, the cost of maintenance and repairs can become a significant expense, often surpassing the cost of the original coating project. Conklin has taken innovation to new heights with this complete waterproofing system that can improve and extend the life of an existing membrane.

What Is Elastomeric Coating?

The term elastomeric comes from the coating's elastic quality to stretch, move, and then regain its original shape. Anything that has elastic properties, naturally or synthetically, can be classified as elastomeric. An elastomeric roof coating is designed to move with your roof, stretching and bending instead of cracking or tearing, making them more durable than coatings that remain rigid, and vastly extending its useful lifespan. 

Advantages of Membrane Coating Systems

Superior Waterproofing

Leaks, especially those fed by standing water from heavy storms or melting snow, can cause soft spots and saturation point that lead to significant (i.e., costly) damage to commercial roofs and the building contents which they are meant to protect. These types of leaks often occur at weak points in a membrane's seams where the seal has torn. Proper welding along seams and overlaps creates a bond that is as strong, or even stronger, than the material itself, creating a truly "seamless" protective covering.

Increased Energy Efficiency 

White roofs, or surfaces with white membrane coatings, have been proven to reduce the amount of heat (solar radiation) absorbed by roof surfaces, in turn lowering the amount of energy used to power cooling systems, and thus, lowering utility costs.

These "cool roofs" can reduce a facility's energy costs by as much as 35% by reflecting heat-producing UV rays and reducing the load on cooling equipment. Energy-efficient roofing may also qualify businesses for reduced charges through various Energy Star programs. It's even been suggested that a broad application of reflective roofing materials can help in the fight against global warming!

Extend the Life of the Existing Roof

By creating a more efficient barrier between your roof and the elements, a membrane coating slows down the natural process of weathering and decay, which weakens the integrity of a roof. The more efficient the barrier, and the better it's maintained, the longer between costly replacement projects.

Even a high-quality commercial roof requires regular, professional maintenance and inspection to keep the roof performing at its highest potential. 

Have the experts at Duratec Roofing Solutions inspect your property and offer you the best options for extending the life of the roofs that protect your commercial investments! 

Eliminate Future Roof Tear Offs

Years from now, when it’s time to renew the superior protection of your Conklin roof system, a simple recoat will do the job. In most cases, multiple recoats can be done for the entire life of your roof system, saving you the expense of a new roof. With your recoat, our material warranty may also be extended.

Warranty Program

Conklin’s optional warranty program offers both limited material and manufacturer-backed labor and material warranties. The program also includes a non-prorated material warranty. 

Low Maintenance

Annual cleaning is all that’s needed to keep a Conklin Membrane Coating System roof white. It provides leak-free protection and exceptional energy savings for years. It maintains maximum reflectivity and energy savings because its surface is resistant to dirt and discoloration. 

Recoup Your Costs

A great return on investment is another important reason to choose Conklin’s Membrane Coating System. Many satisfied customers discover that a Conklin roof system lowers air conditioning costs and can pay for itself during the warranty period. Federal tax rebates, tax credits, and deductions may also offset your investment. In many cases, the government considers recoating a procedure that can be deducted as a maintenance cost. Check with your local utility company, tax advisor, and for additional details. 

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A Complete System of Products

The next generation of high-performance, single-ply membrane roofing technology has arrived! This Elvaloy®-modified PVC provides rugged protection from the elements. Its unique chemical formulation is naturally fire-resistant, making Flexion XL an excellent choice for both new and re-roofing applications. 

  • Coatings:
    • Equinox® delivers innovative technology especially formulated for application in cool weather.
    • Rapid Roof® III has offered proven protection since 1977.
  • Primer: Tack Coat™ offers quick and effective preparation of the membrane.
  • Cleaner: Wac II™ provides optimal adhesion by powering away dirt on any substrate while leaving no residue.

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