Alpharetta, Georgia – Never Far from Opportunity

Alpharetta is a booming town with easy access to both the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and the boisterous city of Atlanta. But quick access to other popular Georgia locations is far from the selling point of the town.

Alpharetta has five unique shopping districts, over 200 restaurants, and more than 85 businesses you won’t find anywhere else. That’s not to mention Alpharetta’s dozens of fun, unmatched events hosted throughout the year.

Residents gleam with pride for their community and culture. The area is home to an art installation by internationally renowned artist Deanna Sirlin,who hails from Alpharetta. The local County History Museum features a permanent collection of historical artifacts and the Alpharetta Stories Project, which shares first-hand memories of more than 80 long-standing Alpharetta citizens.

The level of pride felt by residents resonates through the commercial industry as well. Local business owners provide jobs and experiences to the community, and their efforts are returned through the prospering of their establishments. 

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Finding issues with your building’s roof is stressful. Replacing a roof is very expensive; however, not every roof needs to be replaced. At Duratec Roofing Solutions, we provide modern, effective techniques to resolve any roofing issue and focus on repairs over replacement.

We specialize in innovative coatings that restore your roof using Conklin’s proven acrylic roofing systems, to help avoid the steep price of removing and replacing your roof. Our highly trained experts are committed to providing top-quality service, honest evaluation, and lasting customer satisfaction.

Though we specialize in repairs, if you are looking for a new roof installation, Duratec has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a product that not only lasts for years but also lowers your energy usage.

No matter your roofing needs, call Duratec Roofing Solutions to have your stress alleviated.

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